Barney Miller

The Captain of the NYPD 12th Precinct and his staff handle the various local troubles and characters that come into the squad room.

Duration:30 min




Season 1 - Barney Miller
23 Jan 1975
"When a drug addict holds the precinct hostage, Captain Barney Miller has to talk him out of it."
30 Jan 1975
"A bomber targets the 12th Precinct. Fish contemplates retirement."
06 Feb 1975
"The squad guards a department store payroll. A flasher attempts suicide in the bathroom."
13 Feb 1975
"Barney's friend is assigned to investigate allegations of corruption in the 12th precinct. Chano pursues an obscene phone caller."
20 Feb 1975
"A prostitute threatens harassment charges against Wojo. Rachel wants her own apartment."
27 Feb 1975
"Nosy neighbors interfere with a stakeout operation."
06 Mar 1975
"Among others, the 12th hosts a drunken bureaucrat and the 12-year-old who robbed Chano's apartment. Wojo forces the precinct's favorite deli closed for minor health code infractions."
13 Mar 1975
"An overeager female officer disrupts the all-male squad. Chano arrests an obscene phone caller."
20 Mar 1975
"Inspector Luger visits Barney to complain that the public doesn't dislike his men enough. Wojo arrests a cross-dressing teamster. A neighborhood vigilante is \"over the hill.\""
27 Mar 1975
"The Precinct reluctantly guards a Mafia witness. Chano uses his fellow officers' cash reserve to set up a narcotics buy."
10 Apr 1975
"Barney holds a resourceful escaped prisoner for the FBI. A self-declared \"bird-man\" drops in. Harris decides to write a novel."
17 Apr 1975
"A Serpico replica joins the squad temporarily. Bernice discovers that Fish spent the afternoon in a massage parlor."
Season 2 - Barney Miller
11 Sep 1975
"A disgruntled man wearing a belt of dynamite threatens to detonate himself and the squad room. Wojo arrests a fraudulent priest. The squad room plumbing goes haywire."
18 Sep 1975
"Liz tires of housework and tries her hand at social work, to Barney's dismay. Harris is intrigued by a master forger."
25 Sep 1975
"A city-wide labor layoff forces Barney, Fish, and Yemana to do without the services of Chano, Harris and Wojo. A morose stockbroker resorts to petty theft."
02 Oct 1975
"Yemana is shot in plain sight of disinterested bystanders. Barney is offered a job in Florida."
09 Oct 1975
"A wife claims spousal abuse. Wojo and Wentworth go undercover to catch a park rapist."
16 Oct 1975
"The officers look out for an arsonist. Chano arrests a man who assaulted a vending machine with a deadly weapon."
23 Oct 1975
"Wojo and Wentworth go undercover as a married couple to break up a burglary ring set in an upscale hotel."
30 Oct 1975
"Marty claims that a member of the precinct is harassing the gay community. The precinct computers have recorded Fish as dead."
13 Nov 1975
"Two kilos of confiscated marijuana disappears from the evidence locker. A homeless man spends his nights in a a series of department stores."
20 Nov 1975
"A hansom cab owner reports his horse as missing. A man is assaulted in his hotel room; yet he insists he was alone."
27 Nov 1975
"The squad must work through the precinct roof threatening to collapse from the rain and a nightclub comic's Bicentennial jokes."
04 Dec 1975
"A look at Fish's home life results when he decides to go on restricted duty. Steve Landesberg steps in as Arthur Dietrich. Doris Belack substitutes for Florence Stanley as Bernice Fish."
11 Dec 1975
"A man is convinced that a photo of Jean Harlow is of his missing wife. A pair of female officers makes an overzealous drug bust."
18 Dec 1975
"Citizens are in a panic over rumors that the 12th Precinct is being shut down. A repentant hood can't prove that he committed a crime."
08 Jan 1976
"On New Year's Eve, Wojo delivers a baby, and Fish tries to stop a jumper."
22 Jan 1976
"Wojo and Luger become targets of a sniper. A con man is selling charter flights to Saturn."
29 Jan 1976
"Although Wojo is afraid of flying, he must escort a bigamist to Cleveland. Meanwhile, the bigamist's New York wife turns up at the precinct. A man turns in an unmarked envelope containing ..."
12 Feb 1976
"Wentworth is furious when Chano gets the credit for the arrest she made of an assassin at a block party."
19 Feb 1976
"Wentworth arrests a dime-store cowboy in a massage parlor. The detectives arrest an mugger who's in her eighties."
26 Feb 1976
"A psychiatrist advises the department to confiscate Wojo's gun."
04 Mar 1976
"Fish is attracted to a mugger's mother. A man who turned in $3,500 he found a few weeks ago is anxious to know whether the owner has claimed it."
Season 3 - Barney Miller
23 Sep 1976
"Wojo is alarmed to learn that New York City doesn't have an up-to-date emergency evacuation procedure. Fish meets Jilly Pappalardo, a young thief who eventually will star in the spin-off Fish."
30 Sep 1976
"Wojo brings in a sick perpetrator who collapses on the floor. The entire precinct is placed under quarantine, including a prostitute who gets friendly with Fish, Marty, Mr Driscoll, and Inspector Luger."
07 Oct 1976
"The entire 12th Precinct is under quarantine for the night, including the civilians, due to the threat of smallpox. Being cooped up in the same room together with no air conditioning starts..."
14 Oct 1976
"A robber is confined to the precinct with his bus load of victims."
21 Oct 1976
"It's Election Day. A woman, being prevented by her husband from voting, throws a toilet seat into the street to get attention. A shoplifter is escorted to vote by Wojo and then lost by him. Inspector Luger campaigns for a political crony."
28 Oct 1976
"A man claiming to be a werewolf causes a disturbance in the park."
11 Nov 1976
"A man who hasn't left his apartment since World War II is brought in for refusing to serve jury duty. A prophet claims the end is near, i.e. 5:30 p.m."
18 Nov 1976
"Wojo brings in a man for refusing to help a mugging victim, but Barney doesn't think a crime has been committed."
09 Dec 1976
"The precinct endures a power failure and a man with a split personality."
23 Dec 1976
"Fish goes undercover to catch a mugger who's targeting Santas. Wojo doesn't know how to tell Yemana that his Christmas Eve date is a call girl. Luger fishes for an Christmas Day invitation from Barney."
30 Dec 1976
"Everyone on the squad except Barney is stoned by hashish-laced brownies made by Wojo's new girlfriend. An actor and a critic duel with swords."
06 Jan 1977
"The city experiences a first-stage smog alert. A potential suicide victim is saved by a graffiti artist."
13 Jan 1977
"Barney is charged with harassment when he arrests a blind shoplifter. An evicted tenant threatens a landlord with a musket."
20 Jan 1977
"Wojo quits the force rather than return to uniformed patrol one week per month."
27 Jan 1977
"Thanks to a suicidal couple, the precinct may go up in flames."
03 Feb 1977
"A couple wants Barney's assistance with their cult-influenced daughter. Nick's bookie is arrested. Harris gets a short story published in a slick gentleman's magazine. Bernice interviews for a job over Fish's objections."
10 Feb 1977
"Barney investigates a sex clinic that more closely resembles a brothel. Harris investigates a rash of crimes apparently committed by a juvenile. Weary of waiting for a promotion, Levitt announces that he's quitting the force."
17 Feb 1977
"Barney discovers that Harris has a second job. Dietrich arrests a priest for fencing stolen goods. A racketeer is using a mentally challenged boy as an assistant."
24 Feb 1977
"Wojo prematurely grants asylum to a Russian defector. Marty is charged with a parole violation for possessing a half-ounce of marijuana."
10 Mar 1977
"Yemana assists a bigoted Army officer when a bomber threatens a recruiting facility. Fish takes a turn at mugging detail."
24 Mar 1977
"The city is threatened with a police force strike. A woman is robbed by her computer date."
Season 4 - Barney Miller
15 Sep 1977
"Fish is nowhere to be found on his last day before he retires. A neighborhood vigilante group is out of control."
22 Sep 1977
"Fish finally reports for work but refuses to acknowledge that he is obligated to retire."
29 Sep 1977
"Recording devices discovered in the precinct may have come from Internal Affairs or the White House."
06 Oct 1977
"An environmentalist who has been attacking a chemical plant faces the corporation's high-priced lawyer."
20 Oct 1977
"Retired Detective Fish returns to assist Barney in locating a kidnapped corpse."
27 Oct 1977
"Yemana uses a TV Guide to second-guess the perpetrator who's mimicking crime shows. An alcoholic forgets his weapon in the commission of a hold-up."
03 Nov 1977
"A blizzard traps the precinct with a corpse. A self-proclaimed prophet predicts a new ice age."
17 Nov 1977
"Wojo crashes a borrowed cab chasing a robbery suspect. Lieutenant Scanlon uses a drug pusher to try to flush out corruption in the precinct."
24 Nov 1977
"The detectives clean up the mess after three mental patients have Thanksgiving dinner at a laundromat."
01 Dec 1977
"When a tunnel collapses, Wojo is buried alive along with a burglar digging toward a diamond exchange. Though he is currently homeless, Harris searches Manhattan for an apartment to fit his intended lifestyle."
15 Dec 1977
"A college student's physics project is really a functional atomic bomb."
05 Jan 1978
"A man wants a sperm bank charged with murder after the bank's lab accidentally destroys the man's last available sample."
12 Jan 1978
"The police do not believe a man who claims he's being visited by a poltergeist. Then they put the man in jail, and strange events begin occurring about the squad room."
19 Jan 1978
"Yemana is hospitalized with appendicitis. Guests to the jail include a sugar addict and an aging bounty hunter."
26 Jan 1978
"A woman wants her husband arrested on a rape charge. A master of disguise perpetuates a crime spree. To Yemana's delight, the city legalizes off-track betting."
02 Feb 1978
"Barney defies authority and refuses to evict the tenants of a condemned hotel. Luger tries to decide how to spend his vacation time."
09 Feb 1978
"A SWAT team is now involved with the hotel situation. Dietrich learns the identity of his amnesic girlfriend."
23 Feb 1978
"Barney would rather not know the details of Wojo's most recent difficulty. The new female detective's husband is suspicious of her co-workers. A shoplifter escapes-in a wheelchair."
02 Mar 1978
"Barney's been shot! The startling news paralyzes the precinct with dread and provokes Liz to draw the line. An elderly woman strenuously objects to the nude paintings on display in an art gallery."
23 Mar 1978
"A prisoner holds the squad at gunpoint. A ventriloquist insists he's not responsible for his dummy's insensitive remarks. Harris finally finds an apartment in the Village."
04 May 1978
"A porno shop reporting vandalism turns out to be a mom-and-pop operation being hassled by the parents' children. Harris arrests a numerologist who will only give his name as \"1223.\" The squad members await their evaluations."
11 May 1978
"A man liquidates all of his assets into gold, much to his wife's dismay. Wojo claims he saw a UFO over Staten Island."
Season 5 - Barney Miller
14 Sep 1978
"A political activist kidnaps a department store magnate. Wojo arrests a prostitute and her business manager."
21 Sep 1978
"The officers reopen a 28-year-old missing persons case. The host of a children's science show goes berserk. Harris takes a turn at cross-dressing mugging detail."
28 Sep 1978
"Wojo is bitten by a German Shepherd that may be rabid. The Millers prepare for their impending separation."
"A German girl attempts to flee the country rather than surrender her baby to a broker's clients; Levitt turns to stimulants to aid in his self-imposed thirty-six hour shift."
12 Oct 1978
"An accusation against Dietrich leads to a visit from Lieutenant Scanlon of Internal Affairs. Yemana arrests a rabbi who is running a gambling casino in his synagogue."
"A released prisoner can't adjust to civilian life; the widow of a cat burglar elects to perpetuate the family business."
"Barney notes some uncharacteristic behavior from Yemana; a client can't get a tattoo artist to remove his work; Harris books a youthful loan shark"
"Barney has the uneasy feeling that it may have been Levitt that vandalized the precinct squad room; a TV programming executive is assaulted in a coffee shop."
"A stockbroker leaves Wall Street to become a beggar; a rookie cop, assuming Harris to be a felon, shoots at him."
"Luger faces off against a 60s radical, and Harris arrests a portly second story man."
"Feuding toy makers create a disturbance; Barney faces his first holiday as a separated man; a claustrophobic prisoner has an understandable problem with the cage."
"A woman has her shoes stolen - from her feet; Wojo is forced to arrest an aging Indian who only wants to die in the park."
"Lieutenant Scanlon returns, this time attempting to ferret out corruption with a lie detector; Barney is suspicious of a furrier's robbery report."
"A paranoid spy holds the precinct house at bay; the men bring in a disorderly mime."
"Wojo decides to move in with his girlfriend; Mr. Brauer tells his wife that he's leaving to become a mercenary. This was a pilot for a potential spin-off series, each week focusing on one of the cops' off-duty lives."
"Barney feels the onrush of Father Time; Dietrich books an Olympic hopeful who practices his javelin toss in Central Park; a Hassidic Jew is the target of a diamond thief."
"Harris milks a wily counterfeiter for his life story; a man takes exception to a plastic surgeon's work on his wife."
"The 12th Precinct hosts an open house, attracting only vagrants; Barney's joy at moving back home is cut short by the hotel manager that refuses to refund him his upcoming month's rent; Wojo and Harris try to get a lead on an arsonist."
"Harris quickly regrets the fact that Dietrich has saved his life; the 12th is asked to assist a thief who has been granted entry into a witness-relocation program."
"A computer firm has difficulty retrieving embezzled funds; an educated young man claims to be under the influence of a voodoo curse."
"Barney and his crew face the late shift with a man who believes that he is being frequented by a succubus and an irate tourist."
"The cast step out of character to offer a tribute to Jack Soo, who died during the show's fifth season."
Season 6 - Barney Miller
"When an anonymous letter identifies a member of the 12th Precinct as a homosexual, it buys the boys a visit from Lieutenant Scanlon, who proceeds to make a witch hunt out of his search for the author. Meanwhile, a disgruntled shopper takes a fire axe to an elevator's MUZAK machine."
"A tranquil prisoner claims to be Jesus Christ, which is timely for the drug dealer caught with an impressive stash; an elderly mugger poses as a photographer to ensnare lonely women."
"A string of false alarms suggests that a sniper may be after a cop, but the detectives are preoccupied with Barney's posted vacation schedules and the case of a man who won't donate a kidney to his ailing brother."
"A visiting monk opts for a quick dalliance with a lady of the streets; Barney discovers to his horror that Dietrich may not be cut out for mugging detail\u00e2\u20ac\u201despecially since it must be done in drag."
"Harris bristles when he learns that the Burmese chauffeur being booked for a traffic accident is actually an indentured servant."
"A bookstore owner is infuriated when a strip club opens near his place of business; and man is convinced that he is on the verge of spontaneous combustion."
"Harris' book publication hits a snag when Dietrich refuses to sign a release; a suicide hot line operator becomes suicidal; the clerk that sold Wojo a sick bird changes his strict no-return policy when he learns that the detective is a cop."
"A former master criminal becomes a walking zombie following his lobotomy; a man is unable to use the telephone after being mugged because he's Amish. Jeff Corey, who appeared previously as \"\"The Prisoner,\"\" was a renowned acting teacher."
"A judge provides an attorney with the ultimate over-ruling\u00e2\u20ac\u201da gavel on the noggin; the crimes reported by a lonely woman emanate from daytime television soap operas."
"The detectives search for a missing viral strain stolen from a lab; a woman is convinced that her husband is actually a clone."
"One man's hands are a musical instrument to himself and a nuisance to others; a detective goes undercover to trap a dentist with wandering instruments."
"Weary of an uncooperative populace, a census taker goes to drastic measures to make a head count; beleaguered apartment dwellers band together and capture a burglar."
"Vagrant Ray returns to report his fellow bums' disappearances; a woman wishes to have a child with a surrogate and is focusing in on Dietrich and Wojo."
"Harris disappears while undercover as a vagrant; Luger elects to be demoted rather than to retire."
"A self-proclaimed time traveler tells Harris to fine tune his stock portfolio; Marty's divrorced gentleman friend Mr. Driscoll attempts to reclaim his son by abducting him from the playground."
"Wojo fears that a despondent Luger is planning to do himself in; a man seeking to reclaim his television set robs the police vault; a rash of bizarre robberies leads to an eccentric gun collector."
"The cops observe the annual department-mandated ritual of wearing their uniforms - except for Harris who shows up in his usual natty street clothes."
"A lottery winner dispenses of the prize money by tossing it out a window; Sgt. Dietrich is arrested for his off-duty participation at an anti-nuclear rally; Barney discovers he can't afford his condo-converted apartment."
"Harris gets the unenviable task of booking his colleague Dietrich, whose arrest prompts a visit from Internal Affairs; meanwhile, a nuclear engineer is brought in for dousing the participants with atomic water."
"A disgruntled architect decides to improve on his building\u00e2\u20ac\u201dby blowing it up."
"The squad tries hypnosis to uncover the name of a felon that Wojo has forgotten; an inventor steals the plans for his own creation."
"Barney is down in the dumps when he is passed over again for deputy inspector"
Season 7 - Barney Miller
"When the NYPD restructures its precincts as specialty squads, Luger pulls some strings and gets the 12th assigned as a homicide squad. Business is good; a man murders his barber, and a woman hires a hit man to kill her husband, and then changes her mind."
"Harris woos the precinct's crime photographer, while Dietrich tracks down the hit man's intended target; Barney's frustration boils over when the new homicide-only edict results in the death of an old friend."
"A drunk and disorderly turns out to be a delegate from the 1976 Democratic convention; Barney discovers a problem with the newly assigned Officer Nash - he's not a cop."
"The new detective is convinced that his compatriots are on the take and asks to be dealt out."
"Another domestic dispute at the Brauer household occurs when their apartment building becomes \"\"clothing optional\"\"; Wojo takes a personal interest in the plight of a fellow vet whose crime spree may be a result of the Agent Orange chemical."
"Dorsey takes a protective stance to a young prostitute; Harris is getting stock tips from another one; and Dietrich is tempted by all of them as he experiments with celibacy."
"Dietrich, stricken with guilt when he shoots a felon, tenders his resignation; a playwright assaults an incompetent actor."
"Someone is sending specific information on transgressions of the men to Internal Affairs; Harris sets up a reunion between an elderly cat burglar and the wife who reported him missing years ago."
"Harris is assigned to direct a pornographic movie; an old-time radio newsman assaults a vacuous television anchor."
"A blind mugging victim and an overzealous charity collector are among the disparate audience members at the screening of Harris' overbudget film."
"An accused mugger claims that he was answering a psychic vision; a language professor takes vandalistic umbrage to a grammatically incorrect billboard."
"A deaf woman is arrested for prostitution; Barney anxiously awaits news of Wojo, who dived into the Hudson River in pursuit of a looter."
"A serious tone pervades this episode about a gypsy and his harassment of the owner of a novelty store; on the lighter side, a librarian takes extreme measures to ensure quiet amongst the stacks."
"Ripner is suing Harris over the lawyer's portrayal in the detective's novel; Wojo asks Barney's daughter out on a date; a sporting-goods storeowner takes the law in his own hands."
"A restaurant may have refused a man service because of his appearance; Barney won't name an informant so he's charged with contempt of court."
"When Barney spends the night in jail, the squad room is left in the natty hands of Sergeant Harris."
"An expensive doll is abducted for ransom; a man claims he was swindled in exchange for a ticket on the space shuttle; Luger informs Barney that he's in his will."
"The verdict is in on the Harris\/Ripner libel suit, and a woman threatens to blow up the squad room with a homemade bomb. What better time for Detective Fish to drop by for a visit?"
"Luger takes a small disturbance with the Hassidic community and turns it into a full-scale riot; the squad discovers a survivalist couple setting up housekeeping in the sewers."
"The detectives are reluctant to wear their new bulletproof vests; Luger interviews them in case of the need for a quick obituary."
"The officers arrest a rainmaker, only discover that he was hired by the drought-ridden city; Wojo, Harris and Dietrich each consider a job opening in vice."
"Harris is forced to liquidate his possessions to pay off his lawsuit."
Season 8 - Barney Miller
"Wojo's proven innocent of a paternity suit, but at a cost; a beauty queen is robbed; an irate theater patron vandalizes the theater."
"Luger wants Barney to pen a letter for his mail-order bride; a lottery winner seeks revenge when the ticket seller loses his winning entry; Harris gets a new book deal."
"A car thief's conscience gets the better of him ... after twenty-five years; Levitt saves a child from a precarious fate; an overzealous sanitation officer goes to extremes."
"A husband is assaulted for forcing his wife into designer jeans; a disorderly conduct report leads to a man who swears he's possessed by an evil spirit."
"A job fair brings out the worst in a Peace Corps recruiter; Dietrich volunteers for a department stress experiment."
"A manufacturer of computer game processors is accused of espionage; a WAC supplements her income on the street."
"The 12th is overrun with homeless vagrants on Christmas; a greeting-card writer snaps; a cattle prod is the weapon of choice for a local merchant."
"The penultimate survivor of a tontine attempts suicide in order to concede the money to his cousin."
"The detectives don uniforms while Levitt and the others take sergeant's exams; Luger, working with the squad, is overly rough with a collar, and later with Barney."
"Street clowns fall prey to a serial mugger; a hundred inmates are sneaked out of holding in the middle of the night."
"A murder witness is uncooperative, so he, Harris and Dietrich are forced to share an apartment in seclusion until he talks; Lieutenant Scanlon falls for a wealthy mugging victim."
"Unless he confesses soon, Harris and Dietrich's unwilling roommate may witness another murder. Meanwhile, harassment charges are pressed against Lieutenant Scanlon."
"Dietrich aids an elderly psychiatric patient who may be speaking a foreign language; a nuclear activist goes on a hunger strike to end nuclear arms; Barney declines a deputy inspector nomination."
25 Feb 1982
"A disgruntled member burglarizes MENSA headquarters."
11 Mar 1982
"A newspaper obituary creates a commotion when the subject is discovered to be alive. The detectives arrest a modern-day chicken thief."
26 Mar 1982
"Internal Affairs is called in when an arrest target levels a charge of excessive force against Wojo. An angry parent takes action when an exclusive kindergarten denies admission to his child."
02 Apr 1982
"Dietrich's old flame pays him a visit. A former child actor hits his agent with a telephone."
09 Apr 1982
"The Harris-Ripner conflict reaches a boiling point. A mugging victim confesses to a twenty-five- year-old crush on Barney."
30 Apr 1982
"A museum presses charges when an Indian lifts his tribe's ancestral bones from an exhibit. A scoutmaster catches a mugger."
06 May 1982
"Wojo's discovery of an ancient weapon results in a buyer expressing interest in the precinct building."
"The 12th Precinct is sold; Dietrich arrests the head of a crime school; Luger tries to duck out on his mail-order bride."
"Friends, foes and felons alike drop by to pay their last respects as the detectives prepare to leave for new assignments; Harris contemplates his resignation when he's assigned to Flushing Meadows; Barney recalls friends departed before he turns out the squad room lights for the last time."