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Island of Bryan

The Baeumler family relocates to the Bahamas with the hope of renovating and opening a beachfront resort.

Director: Bryan Baeumler , Frank Halbert

Country: Bahamas

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 7.9

Season 1 - Island of Bryan
"Find out if it's possible to live an island resort dream life, with four kids a whole lot of fixing up to do. The Baeumler family is going to find out when they move their lives to a rundown beachfront in the Bahamas."
"As the Baeumler family settles in to island life, the demolition stage brings shocking revelations about the state of the property"
"The hotel block proves to be more than Bryan and Sarah bargained for. The resort\u2019s pool is completed."
"Bryan and Sarah take on the Honeymoon Suite; the schedule and budget are both impacted by construction setbacks and changes to the design."
"Bryan and Sarah are faced with the realities of true island life as the villas are nearly complete."
"Bryan and Sarah struggle to get some alone time; Bryan and Sarah make a decision about the opening date."
"The Bauemlers bring in extra support from home to help; Sarah is left in charge of construction."
"Everyone on site feels the pressure of incomplete projects; Bryan's parents make a surprise visit."
"Bryan starts working on the pool bar and deck, while the industrial kitchen gets delayed."
"The Baeumlers reassess their priorities in order to get the resort open. The first villa is completed."
"The Baeumlers navigate a whole new learning curve in hospitality as their build transitions to a business."
"The family struggles with the extended timeline; Bryan and Sarah finish the honeymoon suite."